Figs with Goat Cheese

Black Mission Figs

One of my favorite summertime pairings is figs with goat cheese. We first had this over at Rob and Maria’s house and try to make it every year. There are a few ways you can make this up and I’ve also done it warmed which is a special kind of delicious.

This week, the mister picked up some chevre at the downtown farmer’s market from Briar Rose Creamery. They are located in Dundee, Oregon, and are kind of new on the scene.

Briar Rose Creamery

This plain chevre was slightly tangy and plenty barny. I usually love that but I felt like it was missing another note… we puzzled over that for awhile but ultimately decided that it would definitely suffice for our purposes!

These figs were ripe and ready to eat so I just washed them, cut off their stems and sliced them in half.

Fig Halves

I love their mysterious insides! And the little seeds when they pop in your mouth are divine!

Then I carefully added little scoops of chevre to each half and finished it off with some balsamic. I had both white balsamic and your standard red. My red was nothing special but I sampled both and decided the white was the perfect note. Something about the flavor combination here just works.

Figs & Goat Cheese

I used just a little dribble, carefully spooned over the chevre for each one. Yum! They were so good! I have a few more left so we’ll do the same tonight.

Do a google search if you’re interested in this — there are lots of variations, some add honey, some choose other kinds of cheese. All delicious! Don’t wait too long — figs are a short season!

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