Beer + Cheese ?

I’ve written quite a bit over the last couple years about how beer and cheese pair so nicely together. I feel like I live at the crossroads of the world’s finest craft brewing and the world’s most innovative food culture. Cheese is just one delicious part of that but it’s hands-down my favorite part. In any case, I’m really interested in exploring more about pairing cheese and beer but also about pairing foods in general. I asked David Gremmels of the Rogue Creamery recently, “Why pair?” and his answer was that we are always pairing: mashed potatoes and gravy, pork chops and apple sauce. He said that pairing foods adds dimension to that food, allowing us to focus on comparisons and contrasts. And, of course, it’s fun! Good food and drink hits those pleasure centers of the brain that are sometimes otherwise difficult to reach. It’s social and it’s educational.

I want to keep exploring DIY home cheesemaking here at FUCheese but I also want to learn more about beer and other fantastic cheese pairs. Thus, Beer + Cheese is born! My husband, the homebrewer, will also be a main contributor there and I’m looking forward to exploring that topic with gusto!


Won’t you join us?