Book Review: Making Your Own Cheese and Yogurt

I just had to give up my copy of Max Alth’s Making Your Own Cheese and Yogurt which I got from the library. I had to rush through it over the holiday as there are people lining up get it. Our local library system has a “hold” system and I had to wait weeks for the books I wanted on making cheese and there’s a line up after me. So, I’m overdue with this one because it was really good and I wanted to read as much as I could before I had to get back in line for it.

This book was published in 1977 and has a very entertaining history of cheese in the front section and then very good explanations of the various processes that take place during the making of cheese. There are tables and charts which give you info on nutritional content, butterfat and yields as well as other handy info. I think I will be looking for a vintage copy of this book as it seems like a really great reference book to have on hand. It is out of print and not available from Powell’s or Amazon!

While searching around for a copy I discovered that Max and his wife, Charlotte, created a number of books on DIY household projects including plumbing, masonry and repairing furniture. He also wrote books on maintaining wells and septic systems and collecting old radios and “crystal sets.” Sounds like a very handy and eclectic guy! If you see a copy, pick it up.

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